Saturday, 12 December 2015

Elmhurst Animal Care Center - Anesthesia Essential in Pet Dental Care

Should a pet change behaviors and become snappish and irritable, a definite veterinary visit to check for dental problems is advised.  Of special concern to veterinarians is the possible existence of periodontal disease which, if detected early in the pet’s life, can be prevented from severely affecting the kidneys, liver, heart muscle and causing a great degree of pain.   Elmhurst Animal Care Center uses professional anesthetic techniques to assure that the animal does not feel pain, but also to minimize movement or biting.   Anesthesia also assures that the pet will remain still for x-rays and the use of dental equipment for fillings and extractions.  The American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Dental College recommend anesthesia for dental cleanings. 

Although there are pet products available which claim to improve the dental health of your pet, their efficacy can be doubtful.  One thing which dentists do recommend for prevention of common oral disease is brushing the pet’s teeth.  Regular brushing can even eliminate the need for dental cleaning if done properly and regularly.  However, it is important to use patience and regard the process as a training for your pet, to achieve compliance and acceptance over time.  Elmhurst AnimalCare Center veterinarians and assistants can give advice and instruction in proper brushing techniques for pets, and how to instill familiarity and acceptance in the pet for the procedure.  The benefit of enforcing good dental health for your pet is a longer, healthier life with his or her family.,_Illinois