Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Elmhurst Animal Care Center: Five Tips for Keeping Your Cat in Excellent Health

Feline lovers know that keeping your cat happy means keeping your beloved pet healthy. There are numerous tasks that can be completed daily that will help your cat remain in tip-top shape, often preventing more serious illnesses. The friendly staff at Elmhurst Animal Care Center knows that taking the following steps will keep your pet strong and healthy.
  1. Don’t rely on dry food as your only source of sustenance for your cat. Meat is the foundation of the feline diet, and it’s incredibly important for your pet’s health that its diet not subsist solely on the carbohydrates found in dry food.
  2. Keep one litter box per cat in your home, plus one more. Take the placement of litter boxes into careful consideration, as your pet will want to be aware of where they are and what’s around them. Hidden spaces may not be as useful to either of you.
  3. Brush your cat daily to help diminish hairballs.
  4. Consider neutering or spaying your cat. Dealing with a surprise litter of kittens can be time consuming and expensive, and there are already a tremendous number of cats in the world that need loving homes.
  5. Choose a vet that will make every effort to ensure that your cat will be comfortable during his visit. Seek out Certified Cat Friendly veterinarians if possible, establishments who have taken numerous steps to diminish stress that many cats feel during their exams.
The Elmhurst Animal Care Center is a Certified Cat Friendly practice. They are pleased to offer a free exam for first-time customers.